When the Shoe Fits: Trendy Footwear Donated by CCF

The phone call came unexpectedly. It was Ms. Len Hem, the volunteer partnership and donor relations coordinator at Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF), Cambodia’s largest NGO dedicated to children’s welfare. One of their corporate sponsors, the fashion brand Vans, had gifted them a large number of sneakers, more than CCF could use. Would Little Hearts kids be interested in wearing some … Read More

Snakes, Ossicles and Q-Tips: It’s All About the Ears

Did you know that snakes don’t have ears?! No outer ears, that is, though they do have inner ears that help them sense vibrations. This is one of the fascinating facts about hearing that the kids learned during a presentation held at Little Hearts by two audiology experts from All Ears Cambodia, Mr. Khun Butny and Mrs. Koy Bopha. The … Read More

Helping the Needy in our Community

Seven years ago, the Department of Child Welfare of Kandal province asked Little Hearts to help several destitute children from S’ang district. As these children weren’t orphans, we were unable to invite them to our facility. Instead, we took on the responsibility of caring for them and their families in their own homes. While some of those families have moved … Read More

Intercare Medical Center Joins the Little Hearts Family

Yesterday, several Little Hearts children (accompanied by Roxanne, our Child Welfare Specialist extraordinaire) made the short journey across the river and into central Phnom Penh to pay a visit to our newest partner, Intercare Medical Center. They met with administrators, nurses and Dr Haiko Van Der Marel, a longtime supporter of Little Hearts, and presented them with a Certificate of … Read More

The fabulous five: Our university students shine

The results are in—Little Hearts kids are brilliant! In today’s post, we review the achievements of our five university students, all of whom have earned high marks and are well on their way to completing their degrees. Ilang Ilang is our oldest girl at LH and will soon graduate for the second time. Eighteen months ago she finished her bachelor’s … Read More