How your company benefits

Little Hearts is dedicated to saving as many abandoned children as possible from a life of hardship. They arrive at Little Hearts with nothing, and gain a loving home for the first time in their lives. They receive high quality education and support from mentors, who guide them at every stage

Support Little Hearts Organisation (LHO) with regular sponsorship donations or through offering your valuable goods and services. There are plenty of ways you can help and we’ll work together to find the best option. By working with our children, your company will benefit from significant levels of recognition and enhanced corporate social responsibility. Enjoy the mutual benefits of becoming a Little Hearts hero and join with us to build a brighter future for your company and all our Little Hearts brothers and sisters.


  • Funding education and care for the kids each month
  • Supply books, stationary educational tools and more
  • Offer your essential goods and services regularly
  • Provide vocational training and development
  • Supply food and medicine for daily care
  • Fund a targeted project of your choice


  • Your logo on Little Hearts’s website and media
  • Little Hearts certificate of friendship
  • Artwork gift by Little Hearts kids for your company
  • Publish our collaboration on your news blog
  • Enhance your corporate image and CSR
  • Build strong reputation for fighting poverty

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Achieve goals for ethical business standards
  • Secure higher levels of customer loyalty
  • Generate increased brand awareness
  • Enhance positive social media image
  • Boost employee satisfaction


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