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You can also help Little Hearts Organisation (LHO) by donating to specific programs, all geared to improving the lives of our orphans. Take a few moments to read through and see how your gift can go directly to a few of the programs we’re focusing on now.

Operation Chrissy

Chrissy needs urgent medical care for her foot condition

Chrissy, seven years old is one of our youngest girls. Around the age of three she had a serious accident with her foot but she was too young to remember what happened.

The deformation could have been due to a serious accident or abuse. Her condition is getting worse and she urgently requires an operation to enable her to walk normally again and avoid severe disability in the future.

The nearest countries that can provide this kind of surgery are Singapore or Malaysia, but the medical bills for such a venture are very high. Please consider donating directly to the Operation Chrissy fund, and help us save this little girl’s foot, so she can lead a normal life and walk normally once again.

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Milk Fund

Mary and Dara enjoying their daily glass of milk

A few months ago, we started giving our kids a big glass of milk with their breakfast and they love it. There are strong benefits for adding milk to children’s diets.

The calcium in a glass of milk gives children almost 30% of their daily calcium requirement. It’s also a great source of essential vitamins, minerals and protein. By giving our kids a nutritious diet, we continue to maintain their healthy growth and development.

Keeping up a constant supply of milk for all the Little Hearts kids can be pretty expensive, but it’s surely a great way to keep them vibrant all day long. Donate to the milk fund and help LH children grow.

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College Tuition

College tuition for LH kids means they’ll soon be independent adults

At Little Hearts we believe in a full education. This means we do our very best to help our kids continue into university and technical school after they finish grade 12. We also encourage them to follow their passions, but avoid putting pressure on them to take subjects they don’t really like.

To date, we’ve already seen two of our older children graduate from university. Chamrong majored in Electrical Engineering and Koem Heng in Banking and Finance.

The good news is four more Little Hearts children have already started university. Getting our orphans into degree programs is the culmination of years of hard work. We believe this is a significant achievement, especially when you consider their predicament before they came through our doors.

It just so happens that kids grow up pretty fast so it won’t be long before another group of grade 12 Little Hearts students follow in their older brothers and sisters’ footsteps.

Luckily, college fees are significantly less in Cambodia compared to western countries but the costs do add up. This means your contribution towards our college program will go a long way, helping our older children complete university and become independent young adults.

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Cultural Enrichment Program

LH children performing a traditional Khmer dance

If you’ve ever been to Cambodia, you’ll find a fascinating country steeped in ancient culture. Traditional music, arts and dance are everywhere to be seen and there’s no doubt how important it is for children to study the artistic heritage of their own country.

At Little Hearts we sometimes give our children traditional dance and art classes but sadly we only have these once a week. Even so, these classes are very beneficial for the kids who take part.

Alongside the desire to study creative arts, some Little Hearts children dream of learning to play an instrument, and we’d love to provide them with this opportunity.

To expand our cultural program, we need your support. Your gift will go directly towards music, art and dance classes, enriching our children’s lives.

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