Constant Gardeners at Work

Besides attending school in the morning, English classes in the afternoon, and extracurricular activities on the weekend, Little Hearts residents share a variety of responsibilities in order to keep our facility clean, orderly and welcoming. Yes, you guessed the dreaded word – chores! Chores are assigned to all kids on a rotating schedule and cover everything from cleaning the bathrooms … Read More

Rising to New Challenges

Several Little Hearts teenagers are currently participating in the Rise Challenge, an annual programme that aims to identify brilliant people from around the world who would like to make a difference by serving others, improving society, or safeguarding the environment – in short, tomorrow’s leaders and social innovators. Applicants must be 15–17 years old and create and carry out a … Read More

The Tiger and the Rice Pudding: A Competition

On February 1st, Cambodia, like other countries in Southeast Asia, celebrated Chinese New Year. Happy Year of the Tiger, everyone! This meant that the children were on holiday for most of the week. School holidays, while a blessing for the kids, are always a dilemma for their caretakers – how do you keep so many kids busy for several days? … Read More