Financial Transparency

Financial Statements and Information

Over the last few years, we’ve redoubled our efforts to improve all aspects of Little Hearts Organisation’s (LHO) educational goals while broadening the range of extra-curricular activities. These initiatives aim to improve our children’s education and skills. We’ve also upgraded our centre facilities including classroom equipment, computers, the library, medical facilities, sports, food transport. In addition, we’ve expanded our community programs to support families in need in the surrounding villages.

The charts below are a breakdown of our program spending. Chart one compares programs versus administration costs while chart two illustrates allocation of program funds by category.

Program Spending Ratio

Little Hearts Organisation (LHO) is dedicated to maintaining the best possible ratio between funds for programs versus administration costs. This ensures the maximum amount of funding for our core programs.

During the 2020 financial year, 89% of our funds went directly to Little Hearts programs. We continue to work hard to reduce overheads by keeping administration costs to an absolute minimum.

Program Funding

The second chart shows program funding distributed by category. Although the bulk is spent directly on LH orphans, we also spend 12% on community projects, supporting some of the most deprived children in local villages. This keeps Little Hearts at the centre of the community.


Further Information and Organisation Transparency

Little Hearts Organisation is a fully registered non-profit NGO in Cambodia. We operate under full transparency and are a recognised NGO in the local community. Our operational licenses include MOUs from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Social Affairs.

For more information about these and our operational guidelines, please contact us via the contact page.

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