Become an LHO Partner transforming the lives of abandoned children in Cambodia


Why become a Little Hearts Organisation (LHO) Partner

Partnering with Little Hearts and embrace the opportunity to provide our orphans with goods and services. This helps generate a positive image for your brand, boosting recognition both locally and internationally.

Your clients will know that you’re helping some of the most disadvantaged children in the world, in a country that has suffered greatly, and still suffers from extreme levels of poverty. This is a proven method for maintaining your customer base in the face of competition. At the same time your employees will have an increased sense of pride in their work.

By partnering with Little Hearts, your name will become synonymous with charitable endeavours in the region, reinforcing a positive corporate image and helping your business grow.

Partnership opportunities

There are lots of ways you can partner with Little Hearts Organisation (LHO) depending on the goods and services you’d like to offer our children, helping them improve their lives in a secure and stable environment. Here are some suggestions for building long-lasting partnerships with Little Hearts.

  • Supermarkets and restaurants: Donate food supplies including meat, fruit and vegetables
  • Educational supplies: Provide text books, library books and office equipment
  • Clothes: Clothes donations from factory outlets or out-of-season supplies
  • Hygiene: Supply personal hygiene and household cleaning products
  • Health: Provide free routine medical checkups and treatment
  • Dentists: Offer free dental care
  • Hairdresser: Supply free haircuts
  • Hotels and recreation: Free access to sports and recreational facilities
  • Recruitment: Offer Little Hearts teenagers work experience and vocational training
  • Career Path Visits: Send experts to meet the kids and talk about their industry
  • Educational tours: Invite kids for tours of factories or arts and crafts workshops


Get Involved

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Our Partners

Aqualife is dedicated to providing the purest, freshest drinking water available in Cambodia. It is the sole licensed importer and distributor of IONCARES water purifiers from Korea. The company donated and regularly maintains four water purifiers on the Little Hearts campus so that our young residents and staff can enjoy healthy drinking water without the need for continual deliveries of bottled water.

Launched in 2016, Moo Moo Farms is the first domestic dairy farm to supply fresh milk to the Cambodian market. Its aim is to improve living standards through better nutrition and economic opportunities. The dairy donates 28 bottles of milk to Little Hearts every week so that our kids may drink fresh milk at breakfast, ensuring that they receive an adequate daily dose of calcium and vitamin D.

Soma Group is a locally owned conglomerate of ten companies active in infrastructure, agriculture, education, hospitality and real estate, with a vision of building world-class business solutions to shape a better future for Cambodia. One of Soma's subsidiaries, Apsara Rice, donates 350 kg of rice to Little Hearts every month. We also benefit from the group's Soma Initiative, which focuses on education, health and the environment.

Chip Mong Group is a Cambodian conglomerate with diversified businesses in consumer goods, construction materials, real estate development, beer and other beverages, cement, hotel and hospitality, animal feed, retail, and banking. Chip Mong supports us on a continuing basis through regular contributions and we received for the second time laptops for the kids to study online.

Founded in 2020, Intercare provides outpatient GP services, specialist consultations and emergency care in a new facility in central Phnom Penh that also features a vaccination center and private rooms for short-term inpatient care. Located in the Olympia Medical Hub, Intercare also has ready access to a state-of-the-art imaging center and a pathology lab. Intercare provides free medical consultations to all Little Hearts children, as well as medications at cost.

Top Recruitment is among the best recruitment agencies in Cambodia engaged in professional staffing services. Partnering with Little Hearts, they recruit new staff and offer career services for LHO graduates, and all this free of charge.

Syna Styling, an award-winning makeup school in Phnom Penh, offers makeup and hairstyling classes, professional makeup services and products to their customers. Syna Styling generously gives monthly donations of toiletries and hygiene products, as well as free haircuts for all the Little Hearts children.

Roomchang's dedication to customer care and quality dentistry has enabled them to become one of Asia's top dental care providers. Roomchang Dental Hospital provides all Little Hearts children with checkups, cleaning and dental treatment.


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