Learning through Creating

Applying their knowledge is one of the best ways for kids to reinforce and build on what they have learnt. The kids in level 2 class have begun learning earth science and developed some fantastic diorama projects to demonstrate what they have been studying about the solar system and underwater ecosystems. This not only let them practice and demonstrate their … Read More

Earth Day

It is so important to us that our kids grow up understanding, caring for and respecting our environment. We work hard to keep our planet healthy all year round, but in the week leading up to Earth Day we really try to go above and beyond. As with everything they do, our kids threw themselves into Earth Day activities with … Read More

Little Hearts on the Move

Little Hearts supporters from Belgium have not been able to visit Cambodia this year due to travel restrictions. This did not stop their initiative to metaphorically bridge the distance between Antwerp and Phnom Penh by creating a cycling event where together they would cover the 9800km that separates them from Little Hearts. Ultimately, they covered much more and together they … Read More


Welcome Maya, our new addition to the Little Hearts family. Maya’s story is far from a fairytale. She never knew her parents and no one knows her exact age. She was sold twice and had to endure lots of hardship and violence. This chapter of her life has finally come to an end and after thorough background checks, we’re very … Read More

New partner – Top Recruitment

Top Recruitment is our first new partner here in Cambodia. They’ve generously offered to support our Little Hearts family in a variety of ways by providing their recruitment services and extensive knowledge of the local jobs market. In this way they’ll be able to give our older kids valuable work experience and professional help finding a job when they graduate … Read More

Sithy goes to university

Sithy recently graduated from Grade 12 and has just registered at the National University of Management where he’ll study BA Tourism and Hospitality. This marks the beginning of an exciting a new chapter for him, and certainly a worthwhile challenge. Needless to say, he’s very excited at the prospect of launching his academic studies, and learning more about his country’s … Read More

A bottle top revolution

The kids have created their own world map, from a most unexpected resource – hundreds of discarded plastic bottle tops! This was no simple task. It took them several months so yes, we’re talking a whole load of bottle tops. As is always the case the original piece of modern art involved a large dose of creativity, lots of paint … Read More

Our new dining tables

The dining area was looking a bit worse for wear and was clearly in need of a face lift. Putting heads and hands together, the older children pitched in with Billy the handyman, to build new dining tables and a convenient storage system for Ma Kuhn, our cook. It looks like these kids are picking up some really essential DIY … Read More

The COVID-19 global crisis

During the past few months Covid-19 has dominated the news and brought drastic changes to our lives. Our social life has been severely restricted and unprecedented measures have been taken in order to keep us safe. In Belgium strict measures have been implemented for a several weeks. In Cambodia, although there’s almost no community transmission to date, plenty of precautionary … Read More