Jack Climbs the Academic Beanstalk

Please join us in extending heartfelt congratulations to Jack, our newest school graduate. Jack finished grade 12 a few months ago and recently found out that he passed his national school-leaving examination, thus making him eligible to attend university. Jack’s academic journey was fraught with difficulties. He came to Little Hearts from Prey Veng province seven years ago, when he … Read More

A Special Painting for a Special Person

Christmas is a special day for kids everywhere, and Little Hearts residents are no different: for months they look forward to this part of the year and prepare for our elaborate Christmas party. But this year was extra special for the Little Hearts family because Tony’s mum, known as Grandma Micky to everyone, was able to celebrate Christmas with all … Read More

Visit of Jimmy and his family at Little Hearts

Visit of Jimmy and family, “Because of COVID, I had not been to Little Hearts for 4 years. Luckily, I could be there this festive season and it was magical to be back with my family. We had missed my brother Tony and all the Little Hearts kids. They had grown so much and there was even a bunch of … Read More

Sothon Gets Engaged

Last week, Sothon, the oldest boy at Little Hearts, got officially engaged to his longtime sweetheart, Srey Nich, a smart, independent young woman who recently graduated from university with a degree in finance and banking. The ceremony took place at the home of Nich’s parents and involved all the pomp of a traditional Cambodian social event, including a monk’s benediction, … Read More

Fashion Design and Carpentry at Little Hearts

One of the projects our kids undertook during their school break was making new Little Hearts T-shirts. Rather than having a design printed on the T-shirts, the kids decided to paint them by hand. The design they chose included a Little Hearts logo on the left sleeve, their name on the right sleeve, and an outline of Phnom Penh’s Independence … Read More

An Amazing Race… and Some Cows

Last week the children’s school vacation came to an end. As a final hurrah, our caretaker Roxanne organised one more special event for them: a team competition modelled on a well-known reality show, The Amazing Race. The kids were divided into three teams captained by Michael, Sarem and Dalin, and consisting of a mix of young and old. Then they … Read More

Scary Costumes and Water Bombs

Last Monday was Halloween. This American celebration has become increasingly popular around the world; it has a following here in Cambodia, too. For the whole afternoon, the boys and girls at Little Hearts worked hard to create their own Halloween-style costumes, ranging from fairy tale characters to the ghouls, zombies and monsters they have seen in scary kids’ movies. The … Read More

An Elegy to the Broom Closet

Do you remember those tedious writing prompts you were assigned in school, the ones that bored you to tears? Like, whenever you came back from an extended holiday, you’d have to write a dull little report titled “What I did during my holidays”. Or later on, in middle or high school, you’d be given precious stuff like “Discuss the pros … Read More

Rice, Stupas and a Trampoline: A Day in Oudong

Travelling in the Cambodian countryside during the rainy season can be spectacular – imagine the sight of electric-green rice paddies stretching as far as the eye can see, dotted with palm trees and bounded by streams of rushing floodwaters. It’s a reminder that rice is Cambodia’s most important staple crop, covering 80% of all farmland in the kingdom. But before … Read More

Welcome to Little Hearts, Raphael and Naomi

On October 3rd Little Hearts welcomed two new residents: Raphael and his sister Naomi. Both are approximately 9–11 years old (as they lack birth certificates, we cannot be certain of their age). Like many of the children who come to us, Raphael and Naomi have endured a difficult start to life. When their mother passed away several years ago, Naomi … Read More