A Stone Mosaic in the Art Gallery

The kids at Little Hearts love to paint and sculpt. Under the guidance of a teacher, 11 of our residents take art classes on weekends – one of several extracurricular activities they may participate in, including taekwondo, football, Khmer traditional dance and hip-hop. The art classes began in 2018. After seeing the kids’ enthusiasm and talent for painting, Tony and … Read More

Building Towards a Dream: Sarem Goes to University

Today’s update is about Sarem, one of the older boys at Little Hearts. He is now 20 years old, having arrived when he was just 11. Like his brother Sarim, he is a smart young man who does well in school. He studied hard in order to pass his national exam by taking extra classes and tutorials in the afternoon. … Read More

A Visit to the National Center for Infants and Children

The worst disease in the world is neither cancer nor cholera, but to be born unwanted, to lead a life of struggle, and finally pass away alone and unknown. This is the fate of many disabled and chronically ill children in Cambodia – a fate that the Ministry of Social Affairs tries to prevent at the National Center for Infants … Read More

Two Afternoons of Football

Among football fans everywhere, Wednesday nights are known for gripping Champions League matches involving sporting heroes players like Mo Salah, Harry Kane and Kylian Mbappe. But on the afternoon of this past Wednesday, November 8th, an equally momentous match took place right here in Phnom Penh, as the Little Hearts boys’ football team faced off against the mysterious Dark Team. … Read More

The Spelling Bee

Most Little Hearts kids are enjoying the long annual break from school, but in order to keep their minds sharp and their spirits high, head teacher Rosahlee and caretaker Roxanne organised a challenging spelling bee on October 12th. The game was not only fun and competitive, but also a perfect educational activity, especially for anyone interested in arcane words and … Read More

School Results: A Tale of Excellence

The 2022–2023 academic year has come to an end in Cambodia, where children attend school from mid-November to the end of September. We are happy to report that Little Hearts students have once again delivered outstanding results. It wasn’t easy, though. These positive academic outcomes were the fruit of much hard work on the part of the kids as well … Read More

Eating Ice Cream for a Good Cause

Any anecdote that involves ice cream must be a feel-good story, right? Indeed, this tale is no different; it involves Niki Delva and Roel van Steenvoort, two long-time supporters of Little Hearts from Belgium. In 2010, Jo Offeciers, a friend of theirs who also happens to be Tony’s uncle and a Little Hearts board member since the very beginning, asked … Read More

A New Arrival: Ennio, the Destined One

It is a very special day when Little Hearts welcomes a new resident – a moment full of promise and anticipation that remains indelibly etched in the child’s memory. Last Friday was just such a day as we welcomed the newest member of the family. His name is Tach Ty, but as we always do with new arrivals who wish … Read More

Aunt Patricia Marches 100 km for Little Hearts

Could you walk or jog continuously for 24 hours? It sounds pretty daunting, but that’s exactly what one of Little Hearts’ longtime supporters, Patricia Geeraerts, will do this week-end. Patricia is Tony’s sister; many of you will remember her from her time as a volunteer here at Little Hearts and on the fundraising team in Belgium, her visits to Cambodia, … Read More

A Bike Ride into History

The Cambodian government recently announced a long, work-free weekend (July 22–24) to allow all citizens to return to their home constituencies and vote in the national election. The kids at Little Hearts gleefully welcomed this holiday, but if they thought they could just laze around at home and play, they were mistaken! A week earlier, over lunch, Tony and his … Read More