Random Acts of Kindness II

Preparation This past year proves, more than any other, the importance of having empathy for others, and what can be achieved by cultivating the spirit of giving. In an ongoing effort to help impoverished families facing hardship due to Covid-19, we continued the positive momentum with our Random Acts of Kindness campaign part two. This time we focused on Vihear … Read More

Little Hearts Builds a Botanical Paradise

Imagine having your own botanical garden, featuring a large Koi fishpond with water sculptures, surrounded by a multitude of tropical plants. Add to that a lush green lawn with banana trees for shade and a bamboo lounge at the back. Sounds too good to be true? Well, that’s exactly what the kids at little Hearts have been busy building for … Read More

Random Acts of Kindness

Covid has been a huge challenge for everyone at Little Hearts but it hasn’t stopped the kids’ spirit of compassion and care for the community. In Phnom Penh, we’ve witnessed enormous suffering. For example, cyclo and tuk-tuk drivers have been locked down with no home, no income and literally forced into starvation. Community spaces including the local pagoda have been … Read More

A New Beginning

Sarim arrived at Little Hearts with his two brothers many years ago shortly after witnessing his father die and his mother unfortunately unable to support them anymore with 5 other children to care for. Now at 21 he is completing his 2nd year in a Bachelor of Marketing at the National University of Management and has recently taken on the … Read More

Covid Lockdown at Little Hearts

The last few weeks have seen Cambodia’s most serious COVID outbreak leading to city-wide lockdowns, food markets closed and extreme travel restrictions. Yet despite the new challenges the resilience, adaptability and determined positive spirit of the kids here has been nothing short of inspirational. At Little Hearts markets closing led to food prices rising unpredictably and many of our usual … Read More

A dream come true

Hello, I’m Ilay. I’m 19 years old and I’ve been in Little Hearts since I was eight years old. I’ve just finished High School and I’ve decided to be an Interior Designer. I love drawing and decorating, and I’m fascinated by grand buildings with beautiful designs. The good news is I’ve just received an offer to study for a BA … Read More

Living in the slums

One of our missions is to provide help for severely deprived families. Every couple of months, an Little Hearts Organisation (LHO) team alongside a CWC officer from the department of social welfare, goes out to distribute essential items to eight families living in severe poverty. The families live in slums on the banks of the river Mekong, in mini shanty … Read More

Landing a job

Hi I’m Koem Heng. I came to Little Hearts when I was 16 and I’ve been here for five years. I’ve just finished my degree in Banking and Finance at the Vanda institute. Due to Covid we still haven’t had our official graduation ceremony, but I guess that’s something to look forward to. I’m so delighted that I graduated, and … Read More

Moving out of Little Hearts

Hi, I’m Chamrong. I came to Little Hearts when I was a young boy and grew up here. After high school I was accepted to Don Bosco technical school where I studied electrical engineering and mechanics. The degree was really interesting and taught me lots of important skills that I need for work. We had a big range of vocational … Read More

My role as Child Welfare Coordinator

Hello, I’m Roxanne and I’m the Child Welfare Coordinator at Little Hearts. My job is to look after the children’s welfare, monitor their studies, and mentor them. I’ve been in this role for about two years and I can truly say I love this job. This is because it’s not only the kids who learn from me, but I also … Read More