Why We Do It

Giving the kids, a happy childhood, a good education, and the confidence to become independent adults when they leave is the foundation of Little Hearts work. The family-oriented nature of Little Hearts is also at the core of the orphanage’s ethos.

Whenever you visit, you’re greeted with smiles from well-dressed, responsible kids who love their home and work together as a team. This sight cannot fail to impress anyone who walks through the orphanage doors.

The children are imbued with self-confidence and a desire to achieve. They arrive as abandoned young children with unimaginable odds stacked against them.

They then become part of the Little Hearts family and benefit from long term care. By the time they graduate they’re already well on their way to becoming fully independent.

These are real achievements, embodying the results of years of hard work. The profound difference Little Hearts makes to an otherwise lost generation of kids, is the driving force behind our continued work.

Our young children on their way to Khmer school


Character building

The curriculum forms part of a carefully planned schedule, with great attention given to childhood self-development. Creative activities, recreation and sports, are combined to help develop social skills, while promoting character building.

Taekwondo classes build stamina and discipline

Little Hearts’ orphans take part in household duties including cooking, cleaning, and laundry, ensuring group responsibility. Strict timetables teach the children the importance of routines, and maximise their productivity.

Throughout their time at Little Hearts, mentors teach the children codes for good behaviour. This ensures they are well-mannered, and responsive to the needs of other family members. They learn to help, to share, and take responsibility for others.

They are not only asked to attend class and follow routines but raised as any caring family would raise their children. This is done with the unrelenting devotion of their mentors. The youngsters respond to the loving environment and respect the adult role models around them, important figures absent in their lives before they arrived.


From trauma to a loving home

From trauma to loving home, Sokleak is treated to a birthday celebration

Bearing traumatic memories when they first came to Little Hearts, the children soon understand the significance of their adopted family and genuinely appreciate what they have.

The care they receive is long term. Over time they gain in self-confidence, becoming independent learners and thinkers. As they develop their own ambitions, they do so knowing they have the full support of the Little Hearts team who guide them through their childhood years.


Fundamental goals

Kids dive deep into their growing library of books and magazines

Nothing is more important than giving a child a stable upbringing, with a loving family to support them every step of the way.

Ultimately, Little Hearts provides its children, kids who arrive with traumatic backgrounds, the unconditional love they need to enjoy a happy and productive childhood.

The work we do shines a light in to a world full of despair, generating hope for a future generation while bringing relief to the generational poverty which is prevalent in the country.


Community Awareness

LHO Director visits destitute villagers in the slums providing food and moral support

Little Hearts goes beyond the needs of its adopted children, looking outward to the community whenever it can. Staff go out to the surrounding areas to find out who the neediest families are. They then donate food, children’s clothes, second hand books, or items like bicycles to help village kids get to school.

Little Hearts also provides free English classes to impoverished children from nearby villages who struggle to afford regular school fees. Classes run on weekdays and bring in 120 students of varying levels each day. The program continues to make a positive impact in the local area.

Other projects include community clean-ups, where Little Hearts children work alongside local kids to clear up litter. This promotes responsible methods for waste disposal and strong community bonds. A positive community spirit through provision of educational and environmental projects is always the goal. These initiatives continue to maintain Little Hearts reputation as a respected institution, ensuring its place as part of the wider community.

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