Getting to Know Dina

Today’s video introduces 14-year-old Dina, another long-time resident of Little Hearts. Though discreet and camera shy, Dina has a vivid personality – she tells us about her daily routine, her hobbies and interests, and what she’d do if she suddenly turned into a boy.   

Another Rocking Fundraiser for Little Hearts

Another year has passed, spring is in the air, and once again supporters and friends of Little Hearts in Belgium gathered for the annual Big Little Hearts Garden Party, which took place on Thursday, May 18th. The setting this time was not a castle or country manor, but rather Hangar 27, a stylishly modern multifunctional venue in Egedem, near Antwerp. … Read More

A Conversation with Ben, the Entertainer

Ben, the 16-year-old Little Hearts resident profiled in today’s video, loves acting and dancing, so he dreams of becoming a professional performer. But before he can attain fame on stage, there’s something really important he must master… Please click on the video below to find out what it is!   

Lisa (left) and Naomi (right)

Lisa and Naomi: Two Outstanding Students

Today we celebrate the academic achievements of two of Little Hearts’ most diligent residents: Lisa and Naomi. Both girls were recently recognized by their school for outstanding academic performance, which is the result not only of their intellectual gifts but also their attitude to learning. They work hard, respect their teachers, go to school on time, take an interest in … Read More