Lisa and Naomi: Two Outstanding Students

Today we celebrate the academic achievements of two of Little Hearts’ most diligent residents: Lisa and Naomi. Both girls were recently recognized by their school for outstanding academic performance, which is the result not only of their intellectual gifts but also their attitude to learning. They work hard, respect their teachers, go to school on time, take an interest in all their subjects, not just their favourite ones, and consistently achieve high marks.

Lisa is 14 and currently attends grade 7 at the Mahasastra School in Phnom Penh’s BKK district, where all school-aged Little Hearts kids are enrolled. She had never attended school before coming to us seven years ago, but she had long wished to be able to do so, just like some of the other children in her village – a wish that came true when she was welcomed into the Little Hearts family. Quiet and attentive in class, Lisa put a lot of hard work into her studies and soon caught up with her classmates. Indeed, she was awarded a certificate of excellence by the school, having ranked third in her age group in the past semester. Her favourite subjects are maths and English.

Naomi, 10, is a much more recent addition to the family – she came to Little Hearts in October 2022 with her brother Raphael. Now in grade 3, Naomi is doing well in school; she, too, received a certificate of excellence for ranking second in her class. She especially enjoys studying Khmer and English, so much so that she wants to become an English teacher when she grows up. She is already practising by acting out the part of the teacher in the games she plays with her friends. She says that teaching others helps her learn faster and remember what she has learned in school.

Naomi also has a strong passion for helping the poor. Because she experienced so much hardship herself, she wants to help others by becoming an educator. Education, she proclaims, is the only way for the poor to overcome poverty and achieve a better life. (How did she become so wise at such a young age?!) She also dreams of travelling around the world… because one learns a lot from travel!

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