Junk Food and van Gogh: Danny’s World

In this video, Danny, 15, tells us about her earliest memories before she came to Little Hearts, her worries about growing up in a threatening world, and ponders the meaning of life.

Maya on Painting, Flip-Flops and Dancing

This week’s video is all about spritely little Maya, who is now 10 years old. She tells us about her hobby, her favorite book and what makes her happy. 


Friendly and approachable, and a firm believer in the healing power of kindness – this is Elizabeth. In her interview, she explains what makes her a good communicator and how she deals with stress, especially with her national baccalaureate exams coming up.     

Ready to Take Flight: Olivia

In her video interview, 18-year-old Olivia recalls her first impressions of Little Hearts, talks about her relationship with her best friend, and hints at a high-flying future.   


Daleine just turned 18! In her video log, she reflects on reaching this milestone and looks back at her ten years at Little Hearts, including her favorite family traditions and her educational success since arriving here as a little girl.  


In today’s video, Bunrath, 13, tells us about his bucket list for the future, his busy daily routine at Little Hearts, and reflects on his relationship with Tony.

Naomi on Books, Airplanes and a Lion’s Mane

Today’s video introduces Naomi, one of the newest members of Little Hearts. She tells us what she wants to be when she grows up (it involves wearing a smart uniform…) and what she would do if she ran into a lion.


At 21 years of age and in his first year at university, Jack is one of the eldest residents of Little Hearts. In his video interview, he tells us about his favourite part of being here and what he does to help raise his younger siblings. 

Introducing Sreyroth

Dear viewer, in today’s video you get to meet Sreyroth, 16 years old and a 10-year resident of Little Hearts. She describes some of the challenges she has faced in the past and tells us why she’s proud to be Cambodian.   

On Dolls, Books and Shyness: A Conversation with Lisa

Lisa, 14, is an aspiring fashion designer. Please click on the link below to watch her video interview, in which she tells us how she developed a talent for tailoring, what her favourite pastime is, and what she’d do if she was stuck on a deserted island.