Maths and Monkeys: A Conversation with Jules

In today’s video, ten-year-old Jules tells us about her favourite and least favourite subjects at school, what Saturdays are like at Little Hearts, and why she wants an office job when she grows up. 

Jack Climbs the Academic Beanstalk

Please join us in extending heartfelt congratulations to Jack, our newest school graduate. Jack finished grade 12 a few months ago and recently found out that he passed his national school-leaving examination, thus making him eligible to attend university. Jack’s academic journey was fraught with difficulties. He came to Little Hearts from Prey Veng province seven years ago, when he … Read More

A Special Painting for a Special Person

Christmas is a special day for kids everywhere, and Little Hearts residents are no different: for months they look forward to this part of the year and prepare for our elaborate Christmas party. But this year was extra special for the Little Hearts family because Tony’s mum, known as Grandma Micky to everyone, was able to celebrate Christmas with all … Read More

How to Steal a Mango and Mop the Floor: A Chat with Jeff

Today’s video features an interview with Jeff, 13 years old and a seven-year resident of Little Hearts. He tells us about his hobbies and activities (including occasionally plucking the neighbour’s mangoes!) and his challenging role in the recent Christmas event.