Visit of Jimmy and his family at Little Hearts

Visit of Jimmy and family, “Because of COVID, I had not been to Little Hearts for 4 years. Luckily, I could be there this festive season and it was magical to be back with my family. We had missed my brother Tony and all the Little Hearts kids. They had grown so much and there was even a bunch of … Read More

Sothon Gets Engaged

Last week, Sothon, the oldest boy at Little Hearts, got officially engaged to his longtime sweetheart, Srey Nich, a smart, independent young woman who recently graduated from university with a degree in finance and banking. The ceremony took place at the home of Nich’s parents and involved all the pomp of a traditional Cambodian social event, including a monk’s benediction, … Read More

Meet Michael, a Budding Artist

This week’s video features another of our older residents, Michael. An enthusiastic painter, he shows us around the art gallery that he helped to build. He also tells us about his plans for the future and what he likes most (and least) about living at Little Hearts. 

Fashion Design and Carpentry at Little Hearts

One of the projects our kids undertook during their school break was making new Little Hearts T-shirts. Rather than having a design printed on the T-shirts, the kids decided to paint them by hand. The design they chose included a Little Hearts logo on the left sleeve, their name on the right sleeve, and an outline of Phnom Penh’s Independence … Read More