Cabbages and Eggplants: Horticulture at Little Hearts

Those of you who have visited Little Hearts in the past will know that our little campus is characterised by three green areas. There is a large, grassy lawn in the centre of the facility, which also functions as a small football field. In the front of the property, adjacent to the street, the children planted a leisure garden a … Read More

Never Stop Talking: English for our Young Linguists

Little Hearts kids are avid learners with bright minds – in fact, they seem to have the makings of young linguists! In addition to their regular schooling, they take two hours of English language classes at Little Hearts on Mondays through Thursdays. The kids are split up for their English classes according to age. The youngest (in Level 1, taught … Read More

Healthy Eyes at Little Hearts

On July 28th Little Hearts opened its doors to the local community to host an eye-screening day in cooperation with Khmer Sight Foundation so that villagers could come and receive routine vision and eye tests at no expense. Khmer Sight Foundation is a charity dedicated to improving eyecare in Cambodia, a country with one of the lowest numbers of eye … Read More