Pchum Ben – A Cambodian Festival

This past week, Little Hearts, like everyone else in Cambodia, celebrated Pchum Ben, an important religious festival commemorating and honouring seven generations of one’s ancestors. The 15-day festivity culminates on the 15th day of the tenth month of the Khmer Buddhist calendar. It is believed that during this period the souls of our ancestors are temporarily released from the afterlife. … Read More

Tony Visits the Belgian Embassy in Bangkok

Last week Tony was in Bangkok to do some fundraising – as you know, the funding shortage caused by the pandemic has spurred our director to constantly be on the lookout for new sponsors and supporters, even across borders, so that Little Hearts may have the necessary financial support to continue helping as many Cambodian orphans as possible and to … Read More

Feeding the Hungry Youth: Meet our Chef, Ma Khun

Are your kids fussy when it comes to eating? Well, imagine having to cook for three dozen children and young adults who are as fussy as yours, three times a day, every day, and all on your own. This is the unenviable task of our chef extraordinaire and surrogate mother, Ma Khun, whose invaluable contribution to Little Hearts we highlight … Read More

Studious Times at Little Hearts

September can be a stressful month for children in Cambodia – it’s final exams time! The school year is about to conclude, so all our kids are busy studying for their tests. The results will be released at month’s end, just in time for the Pchum Ben national holiday. Until then, there will be much anxiety and nail-biting. Preparing for … Read More