The COVID-19 global crisis

During the past few months Covid-19 has dominated the news and brought drastic changes to our lives. Our social life has been severely restricted and unprecedented measures have been taken in order to keep us safe. In Belgium strict measures have been implemented for a several weeks. In Cambodia, although there’s almost no community transmission to date, plenty of precautionary measures are in place to ensure there’s no spread.

To keep the children safe Little Hearts is temporarily closed to non-residents of the centre until there’s a better understanding of transmission in Cambodia. Schools have closed and the children aren’t allowed outside the home. The kids are making the most of it by entertaining themselves and each other as much as possible. They do household chores, organize games and take part in creative activities. This is not easy and sometimes we need new ideas to keep our large family busy.

Do you have any creative activities to keep our young ones energized and engaged? How are families around the world spending time together? We we’d love to hear from you. Take care and stay safe.

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