Spring Cleaning at Little Hearts

Thursday, May 26th was a school holiday, so all Little Hearts kids got to do something they enjoy so much more than studying… cleaning house! But this was not just the regular one-hour-per-week clean-up session; it was an opportunity to spruce up the entire campus.

The kids were put into small teams and set about various tasks. The bamboo fixtures in the art gallery and the parking area were re-varnished; the water wheel in the front garden was fixed and set back in motion next to the pond; the front gate got a fresh coat of paint; the lawn was mowed and the hedges were trimmed; and all the frayed and torn cushions from the library and the dormitories were stitched back into shape. (That last chore is more important than you think! The kids lounge and sprawl on the cushions while watching their favourite programs on movie nights…)

All kids were rewarded for their efforts with a nice, cold Coke (fizzy drinks are a real treat for them!) and, more importantly, they got to sit back and admire the fruits of their labour: a sparklingly clean and tidy campus that looks like new. Thank you, kids, for your hard work.

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