Neat and tidy – safety first

Most children love riding their bicycles to school. These bicycles need maintenance and they have to be stored. Nick, another close friend of Tony and an enthusiastic cyclist, has donated magnificent bicycle racks to Little Hearts. Every bike now has its own spot in the barn. The icing on the cake is that Frank – yes, our great new computer teacher – will also give the children bicycle repair lessons.

Road safety is a serious issue in Cambodia, with 1000s of serious accidents and deaths each year. Mr. Kim Vong from the Cambodian Department for National Security on the Road gave our children traffic safety lessons, as part of a groundbreaking initiative in Cambodia.

He gave examples of accidents in different countries around the world and let the children compare these scenarios with the road traffic conditions in Cambodia. The children went home with a better idea of how to approach road safety and cycling on the roads.

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