Maya, a Year On

As some of our readers may recall, Maya, the most recent addition to the Little Hearts family, came to us 18 months ago following a troubling past. We are happy to report that she landed safely at Little Hearts and has blossomed into a cheerful, active member of our little community.

Now nine years old, Maya has caught up in school and performs well, her favourite subjects being science and Khmer. Her English has also improved quickly. She’s extremely talkative (in both languages), but luckily her brothers and sisters find her animated, non-stop banter very entertaining. She has brought a warm and spirited personality to Little Hearts, so she gets along well with all the other children. She especially likes to play modelling with Mary; the two girls aspire to become runway models and beauty queens someday. Her best friend is Chrissy.

Maya likes to read and to dance; she also enjoys painting, which she discovered recently when weekend art classes resumed at Little Hearts after the pandemic. She looks forward to the art classes, where she is free to exercise her creative skills. In fact, she has just completed the first artwork that she painted entirely on her own – a fruit cart laden with local favourites, including banana bunches, juicy watermelons and rosy-red lychees.

We are delighted to see Maya grow not just as an artist but as a dedicated student and caring sister, and we can’t wait to share the rest of her journey with you. Her contagious smile and gleeful spirit are at home at Little Hearts, where she will no doubt continue to flourish.

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