Learning through Creating

Applying their knowledge is one of the best ways for kids to reinforce and build on what they have learnt. The kids in level 2 class have begun learning earth science and developed some fantastic diorama projects to demonstrate what they have been studying about the solar system and underwater ecosystems. This not only let them practice and demonstrate their knowledge, but the new window dioramas have also become an innovative new learning tool for the smaller kids to pique their interest and better understand their studies.

All the kids joined in using their different skills and some left-over paints to create the backdrop. The planets and animal species they crafted by hand using paper mâché. The planets were shaped to scale using a few balloons, each carefully decorated by hand and arranged in order for the kids to start learning about forces such as gravity and how the seasons work. Their underwater diorama was created with leftover paper from their English class and decorated with what they could find. Different kids contributing coconut shells donated by a local café or ‘jewels’ for a treasure chest carefully selected from beads and coloured stones they had collected.

Given the effort, they had put in we got them some fresh paper to print out fun facts about the planets and oceans which the small kids now read carefully, asking questions, building their vocabulary, and testing each other’s knowledge. Projects like this keep the kids developing academically not just ‘being busy’. At the same time, in the process of making projects, our kids build skills in creativity and teamwork. Who says learning can’t be fun 😊

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