Colleague in the spotlight – Little Hearts Teacher Ruth

Our teacher Ruth is a young woman who knows the ropes. She’s married with two small kids Lily and Joseph. She’s responsible for organizing the Little Hearts curriculum, but also teaches the level two class both to our Little Hearts children and kids from the local village. Added to that she’s also Tony’s personal interpreter when he makes his monthly visits to the impoverished families in the countryside.

With the support of Little Hearts these families are better able to send their children to school and provide them with nutritious meals. We even help families start their own businesses reducing their dependence on Little Hearts’ support. Even so Ruth’s heart is mainly focused on our own Little Hearts children.

She wants the best for them and does everything to make the Little Hearts centre as warm and fun as possible. The children can count on her and they love her. Arkun chran Ruth. We hope you’ll be part of our Little Hearts family for a long time to come.

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