Back to School

It’s been tough times for all, especially the children of Cambodia. Schools have been shut for almost two years to slow the spread of Covid-19.

So, after such a long wait, and many hours of online classes, you can imagine how happy the children were when they heard schools were finally reopening at the end of October. All primary and secondary-aged Little Hearts kids will be returning to classes at Mahasastra, their local school.

The good news doesn’t only affect our younger kids though. The older kids have also missed out on some golden months of university, so we’re delighted they’re finally going back to college.

Sarim, Sithy, Ilay, Sothon and Ilang currently studying: Marketing, Tourism & Hospitality, Interior Design, Agriculture and Accounting respectively, are looking forward to swapping online classes for face-to-face learning together with college friends.

Join us in wishing them well on their imminent return to school.

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