A Summer Job for Sarim?

At 21, Sarim is one of the senior-most residents at Little Hearts. He’s a student at the National University of Management, where he just completed his third year in marketing. His final exams took place last week, and he already knows some of the results. His achievement was especially impressive in the Cross-Cultural Management course, in which he earned a score of 92, the second-highest in his class.

Sarim will start his fourth and final year of university in early September. Until then, he’s eager to continue learning by applying his marketing skills in the real world. In other words, he’s looking for a worthwhile and challenging internship or summer job. Ideally, he would like to work in the marketing department of a private firm, but he is open to any and all opportunities that will help him expand his experience in business. Besides being an excellent student and proficient in English, he’s a hard worker unafraid of putting in the long hours if needed. He also has well-developed computing and multimedia skills.

If your company in Phnom Penh has a summer position that might be suitable for Sarim, or if you know of an internship opportunity, please contact Tony or Sarim directly.

Thank you!

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