Fried chicken, tongue twisters and making friends… In this video, 12-year-old Jamie covers a range of different topics and recalls his first day at Little Hearts.   

A Stone Mosaic in the Art Gallery

The kids at Little Hearts love to paint and sculpt. Under the guidance of a teacher, 11 of our residents take art classes on weekends – one of several extracurricular activities they may participate in, including taekwondo, football, Khmer traditional dance and hip-hop. The art classes began in 2018. After seeing the kids’ enthusiasm and talent for painting, Tony and … Read More


In today’s video, Dalin, 20 years old, tells us what makes a perfect day and how to achieve one’s biggest goals. While acknowledging some difficulties in learning and motivation, he has ambitious plans to improve in the new year. 

Building Towards a Dream: Sarem Goes to University

Today’s update is about Sarem, one of the older boys at Little Hearts. He is now 20 years old, having arrived when he was just 11. Like his brother Sarim, he is a smart young man who does well in school. He studied hard in order to pass his national exam by taking extra classes and tutorials in the afternoon. … Read More