Malee’s Role: The Confidante

Counsellor to her fellow residents, keeper of secrets, lover of puppies and kittens – this is Malee. In today’s video, the 16-year-old long-time member of Little Hearts speaks about her strengths and weaknesses and shares a simple method to make the world a better place.

A Full-Time Position for Auntie Keo

Auntie Keo has been working at Little Hearts for almost a year as a weekend cook. (Ma Khun, our weekday cook, does need a break once in a while!) Her work on Saturdays and Sundays begins very early, sometimes as early as 4 am, to ensure that breakfast is ready for the children by 5 am. And as Ma Khun … Read More

Vandeth the Dreamer

Today is your lucky day, dear viewer, because you get to meet Vandeth, a true force of nature and a one-of-a-kind member of Little Hearts. Boisterous, talkative and hard to ignore, Vandeth dreams of becoming a professional footballer or being on the FBI’s SWAT team. More concretely, he’s working hard to improve his grades… and to find new ways of … Read More

From Barbie Outfits to Bedsheets: Seamstresses at Work

A few months ago Roxanne observed that three of our girls (Lisa, Dina and Mary) enjoyed hand-sewing new clothes for their Barbie dolls. Their stitched mini-creations – dresses, jeans, shirts and skirts – were stylish and detailed. Since these girls like sewing and making things out of fabric, thought Roxanne, why not let them learn some basic tailoring skills using … Read More