Clamouring to Dance: Hip-Hop Lessons for the Girls

Two months ago, eight of the girls approached Roxanne and asked for hip-hop dance lessons. It wasn’t a request out of the blue – these girls love dancing and have received dance instruction in the past, including Khmer classical dance and ballet. But hip-hop is the thing, and they wanted to learn it. Roxanne did some research and found that … Read More

An Easter Egg Hunt at Little Hearts

Easter Sunday started very early for Tony, Roxanne and May, who had to stand in for the Easter Bunny. Having already boiled dozens of eggs the night before, they now gathered stealthily in the playroom to paint them in blue, red or green (the colours of Little Hearts’ logo). They then hid them everywhere on the premises – nestled in … Read More

A New Teacher and Two Exhibitions: The Arts at Little Hearts

It was a chance encounter that led our new art teacher to Little Hearts. Bjorn and Net, our public affairs administrator, were exploring the outskirts of Phnom Penh one weekend afternoon when they drove past a small café with paintings hanging outside. Intrigued, they went in, ordered coffee and chatted with the owner and painter, Kun Sotha. Still only 35, … Read More