Is Pizza Belgian?

Those pesky Neapolitans will tell you that pizza is an Italian invention. But here at Little Hearts, we think of it as a Belgian speciality. Why? Because the Belgian Embassy recently made a vital contribution to our kitchen – a shiny new oven. This wondrous double-deck appliance replaces our very old, single-deck machine and will enable us to bake home-made bread, casseroles, roasts and much more… and especially pizza! Enough pizza to feed three dozen hungry kids and their caretakers.

The Embassy also donated a new laser printer. Tony asked for a new printer because our printing needs have skyrocketed ever since the beginning of the pandemic. With so much schooling and work happening remotely, assignments have to be printed at home, as well as handouts, schedules and learning materials for our English classes. The new printer can print much more quickly than the old one; it’s in colour and it’s networked, so it can be accessed from various laptops and other computing devices.

A heartfelt thank you to the Belgian Embassy for providing these essential items. Pizza is now a regular feature on our (laser-printed) menu!

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