Floating Tables Defy Gravity

Curious about our brand new project at the Little Hearts Family? Keep on reading…Three teams of kids have been busy working on making floating tables in the Little Hearts workshop. The unique design uses metal chains instead of legs to hold the tabletop in place, anchored by a chain in the middle.

The newly added tables not only look very special but also teach the children some important principles of physics while helping improve their design and technology skills

But how do they work? Based on principles of tensile integrity, the tables use tension and compression working against each other. It doesn’t matter which direction you push the tabletop; the chains are always stretched to maintain equilibrium. There might be a slight lateral wobble, but no need to panic. The up-down strength is sufficient for heavy loads.

With all the extra reading space, these superb tables will encourage more of our children to enjoy quality study time or read their favourite book in the garden.

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