Earth Day

It is so important to us that our kids grow up understanding, caring for and respecting our environment. We work hard to keep our planet healthy all year round, but in the week leading up to Earth Day we really try to go above and beyond.

As with everything they do, our kids threw themselves into Earth Day activities with gusto. They have been working hard to develop our vegetable plots and managed to double the number of fresh vegetables they now grow at home!

They organized a socially distanced clean-up of rubbish around Little Hearts and our neighbours’ homes. We also dramatically increased our use of reusable and refillable cleaning and hygiene products in order to eliminate single-use plastic. Along with this, we cleaned up old bottles donated from local businesses and used them as materials for creative new art projects.

However, we are most proud of the fact that over the last month in lockdown we produced ZERO food waste! This is not an easy task with 40 kids and is only possible when every staff member and child makes the effort to be mindful of our food.




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