Back to school

After a long and well-deserved holiday, September 2nd meant that time once again, the first day back to school. Both children and teachers were ready to start a productive new school year. At Little Hearts, our children started school on October 1st. With a little fear in their hearts, a new uniform and brand-new school material, they left for the Mahasastra School, their new school in Phnom Penh.

In this school children are taught in smaller groups and teachers track their progress closely. In the meantime, our four oldest students are heading back to university where they continue studying their degree courses. We’re really proud of Saradee and Sarim who start their first year in tertiary education.

Sarim has chosen Marketing while Saradee is studying Graphic Communication and Media. It promises to be a year full of new challenges for all students big and small. We wish them every success.

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