A Special Request from the Embassy for Crisis Support

This month we received a special endorsement from the ambassador of Belgium and a request for individuals and organisations to consider the need for extra support for LHO during this crisis.

The following is the letter we received from the Belgian Ambassador:

“The Little Hearts Organisation has been driven, since its beginning, by the dedication, generosity and hard work of Belgians and Cambodians willing to make a difference. At the helm of this multitude of projects, are the Belgian citizens, Tony and Jimmy Geeraerts, Jo Offeciers, Dimitri Sergers and a dynamic multicultural team.

Providing not only a safe and loving home for children in Cambodia, who are not fortunate enough to have one, but also educational support, Little Hearts gives children the chance of a brighter future. The centre also offers educational activities such as extra-curricular courses, art classes, sports training as well as the opportunity to take care of a vegetable garden, ensuring healthy food and eating habits. Most importantly, the Little Hearts Organization supports the children until they graduate and find a job. The activities of the organization are not limited to the orphanage, as they also provide help to neighbouring villages,

Unfortunately, the pandemic has prevented charity events from taking place. With the serious impact of the crisis on poverty, Little Hearts needs sponsors and donors more than ever. I therefore encourage you to support them to sustain the care and education that Little Hearts provides children in need.”

 Sibille de Cartier (Mrs.) Ambassador Embassy of Belgium

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