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Starting the year with a smile and hope

During these challenging times we need friendship and compassion more than ever. Because of the pandemic we could not celebrate the Christmas holidays with our loved ones or enjoy the traditions that make that time of year special. In 2020 a pause button was involuntarily pushed. Over that year we came to realize that we can only beat the pandemic together, in solidarity with our local and global neighbors. Hopefully soon we can press ‘the play button’ towards the time when we can finally embrace everyone and everything again. Having you all as part of our beautiful project gives us some extra warmth and light. The Little Hearts family wishes you a the best for 2021!

The power of ART

For many months the schools in Phnom Penh were closed, just as in many other cities and countries. Even more than usual, it was important to ensure a daily routine for the children. They attended classes online and devoted themselves to the maintenance of the buildings and the garden. Still there was a lot of time for relaxation and creativity. 
The art students, with the help of their teacher, transformed the path behind the nursery into a real Art Gallery. The children immersed themselves completely in Cambodian history and culture. This resulted in paintings, drawings and sculptures in which they tried to depict how they see their country and its traditions. The results are impressive, to say the least. 

And here we release you…

Who doesn't remember their first job? Just graduated and ready to conquer the world. Chamrong is the first one of the Little Hearts family to take this big step. After a two-year technical program at Don Bosco where he specialized in electronics, electricity and mechanics, he can start as an electrical engineer at Holo Cambodia Elevator Engineering.
Koem Heng too will soon start her career at CIMB Bank. She completed her studies in Banking Management and Economics 'cum laude' at the University of Phnom Penh in October. Her drive and perseverance will no doubt take her far. We are so proud of our graduates Koem Heng and Chamrong! We can’t wait to watch their futures unfold.

Little boys grow up

Seven years ago, Sammy came to Little Hearts as a baby. His mom had died in childbirth and his dad had left the family. He quickly grew into a lovely and respectful fellow, who is best known for his roguish smile. He has been attending the Mahasastra school for two years now and things there are going more than smoothly. On November 23, he celebrated his seventh birthday. Happy Birthday, Sammy!

From the Little Hearts diary

Each week the children are encouraged to read and write in English. They enjoy sharing their experiences with their Belgian friends:  

"Hello!! My Name is Sithy Da. I just graduated grade 12 and now I’m going to study at National University of Management. My major is tourism and hospitality. I decided to study at that university, because it is one of the most popular universities in Phnom Penh, it full of the professional teachers and have a lot of experience for teaching. The reasons why I want to study tourism and hospitality, because I like to travel, I like to know about history, I like go to go different places and I like to get to know other people. During when I studying tourism I have to study for four years and I really want to become one of the best students in my class, but I know it’s not easy like what I think it requires us to study hard do more research, force on the lesson, implement, visit the popular location in Cambodia and do more things. When I graduate university I can go to work. This is the important time of my life and it a new chapter also, it can let know more about life, I can meet new people, I can work with them, I can cooperate with them, and  I can connect from one person to another. When I’m working I can arrange a trip for guests like arranging the transportation, Airlines, trains, hotels or resorts. They can visit at historical locations, areas rich in nature, wildlife sanctuary, natural sea attraction . Etc etc. These are all the things that I want to work for in my future. I’ll try all the best to achieve my goal.“