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Welcome Maya

Maya, like most of our children, is a girl who comes to us with a challenging history. She never knew her parents and was sold twice. During her very young life she has had to endure hardship and violence. We cannot erase her past, but we can help to ensure that she has a safe and warm future. From the safety and security of her Little Hearts home, Maya is now starting a completely new chapter of her life. We are happy to give her the safe environment, care and education that every child deserves. Welcome, sweet Maya!

Little Hearts during corona

At the beginning of February, the Little Hearts’ Garden was given a major makeover. Together with their teachers, the children rolled up their sleeves and transformed it into a paradise. The joy of taking care of flowers and plants was evident in their beaming faces. All of the children flexed their green thumbs and did their best to give their own small green spot the necessary attention.

That the children can be patient is demonstrated by this craft work. From a mass of collected bottle caps, they built a map of the world in a few months' time. Creativity and perseverance at their best!

4 new partners in Phnom Penh

Top Recruitment became our very first partner in Cambodia. It is well known that Little Hearts is committed to education, but for that transition from the life of a student to a career path, special expertise is required. Top Recruitment will play an important role helping our children land their  first job when they complete their studies. We thank Kevin, Tim, Simon and the rest of the team for their support!

Whatever the future may bring, Little Hearts always faces it in style. And new sponsor Syna Styling certainly has something to do with this. They donated a large amount of health and beauty aids and hygiene products and gave our kids free haircuts. Thanks Syna!

Chormchenda Chea, Ten Cover , Sandy Jay and Srey Neath also did their part. They provided a mountain of new towels, T-shirts, school supplies, rice, milk, noodles and so much more. Their generosity is obviously a huge help to Little Hearts. 

Last but not least, Roomchang Dental Hospital has recently committed to our organization. Little Hearts attaches great importance to dental hygiene and this new partnership will ensure that the teeth of our kids have improved a lot. We cannot thank Mr. Tith and his team enough for sponsoring us providing free dental examinations and surgeries. 

The support of these regional sponsors ensures continuity and connection, things that Little Hearts highly values and for which we are enormously grateful.

An important choice…

Congratulations to Ilay and Sithy for graduating from high school and achieving this important milestone. It is no surprise that Ilay will study 'Interior Design' at the Royal University of Fine Arts as she has always been passionate about drawing and painting. With this course of study she can pursue her passion to make things beautiful. Sithy is going in a completely different direction and will start his studies in 'Tourism and hospitality' at the National University of Management. He hopes to learn more about the history of his country and would eventually like to become an ambassador for Cambodia. 
Good luck, Ilay and Sithy!

Little Hearts on the move

We can't go to Cambodja by plane at the moment, so we’ve had to get there in a different way. On March 21, 2021, 512 cyclists and walkers with warm hearts for Little Hearts tried to bridge the distance between Antwerp and Phnom Penh, on bike or on foot. A distance of 13 280 km was covered – more than the distance between Antwerp and Phenom Phen, raising 8294 euros for Little Hearts! Amazing how far 💙💚❤️ can travel.

Say it with a postcard

Over the past year, people have been sending each other postcards more than ever. During these strange times people want to reach out and let others know that they are in their thoughts. Soon you will have the opportunity to send beautiful cards made by the children to share Cambodian culture to all the people you love or to whom you want to give a boost.