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We want to know how you are doing during these extraordinary times. How are you coping with this strange situation? At Little Hearts we are trying to make the best of it. In Belgium and Cambodia we are “virtually” putting our heads together to keep the orphanage running.  It is due to all of our friends and sponsors that we will make it through these challenging times. We could not do our work without you. Thank you for continuing to value and support the work of Little Hearts. 

We need your help!

Because of COVID-19 response measures, Little Hearts is forced to cancel the annual and most fun event of the year, the Little Hearts Garden Party. Typically, this party gathers all of our friends together and the love and warmth flows until late into the night. The party also brings in a very nice sum of funds that we need to finance the orphanage throughout the year. We are sorry to miss out on the fun and the funds that this event generates for our work. In order to make up for the loss of donations, we need many new monthly donors. 

Monthly donations are the main source of income for Little Hearts. Over the past few months we have seen the number of monthly donors rise, but unfortunately we do not yet have the number we need to cover all of our costs. If we find 500 people who donate 10 € per month, we will be able to ensure the continuity of our operations and the care for the children. Think of it this way: for the amount of money that you would spend on three pints of beer, coffees or colas at a bar, you could make sure that the orphanage keeps on running. That's peanuts, isn't it? Will you be one of the wonderful 500? Please go to to register!

Moreover, the government decided to increase the tax reduction from 45% to 60% for donations made in the course of 2020. So: for example, if you donate 40 € to Little Hearts, you will recuperate €24 of that via your 2021 tax return.

In addition to the monthly donations, you can register your company as a corporate partner. If you chose to do this, you will be recognized as an official parnter and your logo will be added to the Little Hearts website. We will also send you the Little Hearts logo with your company mentioned in the text as 'corporate partner'. You can use this in your own communication. (website, newsletters, documentation...).

Corporate Sponsorships

We ask our corporate sponsors to make a minimum monthly contribution of 100 €. As icing on the cake, we would like to invite you to our biennial thank-you evening in Boechout.

Please contact Dimitri at to learn more about this program. Please see below to see the partners that have already signed up.

We are so proud!

We are incredibly proud and overjoyed to announce that Koem Heng, one of our oldest children, graduated in 'banking management/economics' from the University of Phnom Penh. Koem was an extremely diligent student and spent long days and nights studying. Clearly her hard work paid off as she earned amazing grades and was at the top of her class. We are so excited to watch Koem’s professional like take off!

Let the vegetables grow!

Little Hearts is situated in the countryside between pastures and rice fields. In this climate vegetables and fruit grow abundantly. 
Sothon, one of the oldest boys, is being educated at the agricultural school. At Little Hearts he is able to put his knowledge into action. Together with the other children, he laid out a fruit and vegetable garden. They grew their own seedbeds in which they planted lettuce, okra, pumpkin, cucumber and tomato. Together they maintain the garden and the family can now enjoy home-grown fruit and vegetables.

Our new dining tables

The dining area was looking a bit worse for the wear and was clearly in need of a face lift. Putting our heads and hands together, the older children pitched in with Billy, the Handyman, to build new dining tables and a handy storage systm for Ma Kuhn, our cook. Now everything looks great and works well too ! And of crouse Ma Kuhn’s food is as tasty and healthy as always.

Cycling for Little Hearts

Save the date for the Belgian Heart Bikers event! Do you like to cycle? Do you fancy a bike ride with your family, friends or with your cycling club? Warm up your legs, because on September 27th Little Hearts is organizing a great bike ride in Belgium. More info will follow soon or if you just can’t wait for the details, please send an email to