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Global Corona Crisis 

During these past few months not a day goes by without reports on Covid-19. This virus has brought drastic change to our lives. Our social life has come to a standstill and unprecedented measures have been taken in an attempt to keep us safe. It makes us realise all the more how important it is to take care of ourselves and others. In Belgium strict measures have been implemented for a several weeks. In Cambodia it is taking longer for people to realize the seriousness of the situation and no strict measures have been taken yet.
Despite the lack of governmental guidelines, it is crucial to guarantee the safety of our children and staff so Little Hearts remains closed until the pandemic has been brought under control in Cambodia. The children no longer go to school and are not allowed to do any activities outside of the house. This feels very unreal to all of us, but our priority is to keep our Little Hearts family safe. 
The children are making the best of it and entertaining themselves and each other as much as possible. They do household chores, organize games and get creative. As you can imagine this is not easy and sometimes we lack the inspiration to keep our large family busy enough. For this reason, we are turning to our larger Little Hearts Family for inspiration. Do you have any fun and creative ideas to keep our young ones energized and engaged? How are your families in Belgium (or: around the world) spending time together? We would love to hear from you! 
Take good care of yourself and others. Stay at home, wash your hands, stay safe. 

Surgery Chrissy

You will undoubtedly remember Chrissy. Chrissy, 4 years old, was welcomed together with her brother Jeff at Little Hearts in October 2018. They have found their place in our big family and we cannot imagine what it would be like without them.
When Chrissy arrived, we noted that she had a serious defect on her right foot, preventing it from growing. Our big girl walks around happily every day, but physical difficulties will occur in the long run. Surgery is necessary and this is expensive. We are looking for donors who want to support the necessary medical care for Chrissy. Do you want to organise an event to help raise money for the surgery? Let us know and please email or  We can use your help! 

Staff member in the picture:
a word from Roxanne 

It is time to introduce you to  Roxanne from the Philippines.
Roxanne wrote a word, especially for you...
"Hello! My name is Roxanne Ballenger from the Philippines. I have two brothers and I'm the middle child. We Filipinos are known for our fun-loving, kindhearted and very hospitable nature. If you visit our country, you will never have a hard time when it comes to communicate because every Filipino speaks English. And of course, don't forget our Boracay Beach, which has consistently ranked as one of the world's top beaches in the world! But no matter how good and fun my home is, I still leave my country and work abroad for two reasons. One, to support my family financially and two, for my career growth and experience. And now, I'm here in Cambodia, working as a Child Welfare Coordinator. I graduated with a Bachelor of Elementary Education and I have a 7-month Caregiving Training. I love this kind work. And for my six months here in Little Hearts, I believe I have shown it. With the daily routines and 37 kids, you need a lot of patience and dedication. Patience because each of the kids is unique with their own ways, and mostly of the age of between 5 and 16 years old. You can imagine how playful they are, some hardheaded, and the teenagers with their "Rebellious Phase". Dedication because for me, you need to love what you're doing. You're compassionate to teach them how to be a good person and be a role model. I'm the kind of person that in everything I do, I have a goal or vision. And as CWC in Little Hearts, my goal is to see all the kids not only successful but happy and content with their lives."

New! New! New!  

Little Hearts is a growing and thriving organization. The small children are growing up and our big children are gradually reaching adulthood. Economically, Cambodia is growing at a rapid pace. This offers great opportunities, but also makes life more and more expensive. 
At the moment the orphanage survives mainly from one-time donations that we receive through donors and actions of schools and companies. In addition, Little Hearts already has a lot of monthly donors, for whom we are deeply grateful. Despite this outpouring of support, we need even more financial stability to run the orphanage and to guarantee the education and training of our children. If we can motivate 500 donors to donate 10 euros each month, we guarantee the future of our children. 
That's why Monique and two enthusiastic colleagues designed  
This amazing website has the goal to reach at least 500 monthly donors. Do you want to become one of them? Take a quick look for more info and become part of our family! Please forward to all of your friends!

Like real Cambodians: Immersion journey Annuntia Wijnegem 

As part of their immersion journey, Annuntia High School students set up super fun events to support Little Hearts. They organized a concert, a quiz and a sponsor trip. They also sold printed cotton bags and original calendars with photos of Little Hearts. As icing on the cake, the students flew to warm Cambodia to lend a hand there too! Together they carried out the plan to give the orphanage a new coat of paint (yes, really!). 

As a thank you for their endless efforts Little Hearts organized "Phnom Penh Unplugged": a voyage of discovery through the capital of Cambodia where the high school students got to know the cultural, historical and gastronomic side of the city. The immersion trip was not only an incredible experience for them, but also for our children.  They will talk about it for a long time to come!  To each and every one of the students: a huge thank you for showing your warm, golden hearts and doing such a fantastic job. 

Not your average book club

Reading is something to enjoy at any age! It gives you focus, you learn about the world, it reduces stress, enriches your imagination and so much more! To encourage our children to grab a book once in a while, we set up the super trendy "book club". This way we want to make them think about the value and importance of reading in a fun way. 
The children are divided into groups and each group gets to spend some time in the Little Hearts library. They choose a book with the help of their teachers. When they have finished reading the book, the teacher will have a fun and instructive discussion to check in whether or not they have understood everything correctly. With this book and reading project we hope that our children will discover the joy of reading. We also try to stimulate the older children to read stories to their smaller brothers and sisters. Win-win! 

Visit Sa Ang district 

For some years now Little Hearts has been supporting 12 families in the rural area "Sa Ang District". Every two months Tony visits them and brings them rice, noodles, clothing, hygiene products. He also monitors how the children are doing at school. Recently an extra teacher was recruited to make sure that the children get help with their homework. Each child is monitored individually and they get English classes three times a week. Speaking English will provide the children a wider range of perspectives for the future. 
Little Hearts is often asked to help other poor families as well. We always look into how we can be of help. Recently we started working together with an employee of Child Focus to help direct us to where the needs are highest. Together we look for a sustainable solution for every family. In this way Little Hearts tries to do its bit to keep our promise to help achieve the set SDG goals. (You can read the SDG goals on our website: ).