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Have you seen us on TV?
Pano: Development cooperation

In August, the Belgian Pano film crew visited the orphanage for a few days. The resulting story was broadcasted on 2 October. It highlighted the lack of government support for small non-profit companies in comparison to larger Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO). We have considered becoming an NGO but to fulfil the requirements for NGO status we would have to hire two full time employees in Belgium. Doing that would eat up 30% of our budget that now goes directly to Cambodia. Given that our mission is for all donations to go straight to Little Hearts, we cannot convert to NGO status. We believe that development cooperation should benefit the country where the work is being done. We hope that their documentary also convinced you of this and that we can continue to rely on your support. We also hope that the coverage will encourage new donors and sponsors. Just click on the button below to see the Little Hearts part of the documentary.
Little Hearts op Pano

Fancy an adventure? The Belgian Heart Bikers are planning their third edition.

Two years ago a fun group of sports loving men founded the Belgian Heart Bikers. They cycled through Cambodia in support of Little Hearts. For the second edition, 15 enthusiastic women took the lead. Besides the bike tour they organized all sorts of benefit events throughout the year. This year there is yet again a new group of Belgian Heart Bikes: the ladies of RUA. At the moment they are preparing themselves for a new and exciting cycling story to kick off in January 21. Do you also want to go on an adventure with like-minded souls to support a good cause? Do you want to be a member of a fourth group of Bikers? If so, please get in touch  with us and we’ll provide you with all the necessary information!

Plan an event for The Warmest Week and support Little Hearts!

The Warmest Week is just around the corner! Are you still searching for a cause to support? Please consider Little Hearts! Organize a party with family and friends, sell waffles to your colleagues or make soup for your neighbors. Let your creativity run wild and register your event to support Little Hearts on the website of The Warmest Week. Let’s make it the warmest Little Hearts week ever!

Benefiet 2020: Save the date!  

We imagine that our tenth anniversary bash is probably still fresh on your mind, but we are already planning our next benefit party. And it’ll be at a different location… At the moment: for us to know, for you to find out.  Reserve 27 June in your diary so that you are free to take part in the most enjoyable and meaningful party of the year! Would your company like to sponsor, then get in touch!

Back to school!  

After a long and well deserved holiday, on 2 September it was that time again: back to school! Children and teachers were ready to start a fantastic new school year. At Little Hearts our children started school on 1 October. With a little fear in their hearts, a new uniform and brand new school material, they left for the Mahasastra School, their new school in Phnom Penh. In this school the children are taught in smaller groups and the teachers track their progress closely. Our 4 eldest students headed back for the university where they will continue their studies. We are proud of Saradee and Sarim who wil start their first year in higher education. Sarim chose to study Marketing and Saradee will study Graphic Communication and Media. It promises to be a year full of new experiences and challenges for all students big and small. We wish them success!

Is there a doctor in the house?  

The Cambodian government decided that every orphanage needs a sick bay. A secure cabinet in which medication can be stored behind lock and key, an examination table, scales, growth chart are all required. The children and Billy, our handyman, put their hands together and fitted out a sick bay that would make many a hospital jealous. As of now a medical team from Phnom Penh visits our children weekly. We hope our new sick bay helps to keep viruses and bacteria out of our house forever.

Colleague in the spotlight: Teacher Ruth

Our teacher Ruth is a young woman who knows the ropes! She is married and has a little daughter, Lily and a little son, Joseph. She is responsible for the organization of the Little Hearts School, but she also teaches the level 2 class to our children and the children of the village. She’s also Tony’s personal interpreter during his monthly visits to the families in the country. Thanks to the support of Little Hearts these families can send their children to school and provide them with nutritious meals. We even help the families start their own business so that they are no longer dependent on the Little Hearts’ support.
But Ruth’s heart goes mainly to our own 36 children! As a real mama she wants the best for them and she does everything to make our house as warm and fun as possible. The children can count on her and they love her! Aukun chran, dear Ruth! We hope you will be part of our Little Hearts family for a long time to come!

Our new Tuk Tuk.
Thank you Tom Van Molkot!

Tom Van Molkot lives in Singapore and visited Little Hearts. He was impressed by our children, work and mission and decided to support us. Thanks to him we replaced our old Tuk Tuk with a new model. As of now our children are brought to school in brand new Tuk Tuk. Aukun chran, Tom! We are all so grateful for your help!