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Little Hearts is celebrating its 10th anniversary! In honor of this we selected the 10 most exciting things that happened recently. Read, enjoy and be inspired!

01. The 10th Little Hearts Party

Save the date, it’s time to celebrate with Little Hearts as we blow out 10 candles! Are you ready for the 10th edition of the most fun party of the year? Save the date - 18 May for a wonderful evening. All are welcome to enjoy tasty food and drinks, smiling faces and lively music that will make you want to dance! As has become a tradition The Big Little Hearts Party will happen in the beautiful Kasteel Den Brandt. Bring your friends and family to this celebration you don’t want to miss!

02. Welcome Charlie and Jules

In our last newsletter we introduced you to Jeff and Chrissy who we had welcomed in our Little Hearts family. Now, a few months later, it’s time to welcome Charlie and Jules. Charlie, an 8-year old boy, and his 4-year old sister Jules lost both their parents. Little Hearts is honored to give them a warm and loving home. Welcome Charlie and Jules! :-) 

03. James & Chloé in the picture 

This month we are putting James and Chloé ‘in the picture’. They are a fun Cambodian twosome and for the past couple of months they have lived and worked with us in the orphanage. They speak fluent Khmer and English. Day and night they are here to help the children when help is needed. From making sure that everyone brushes their teeth in the morning to organizing fun activities in the evening: nothing is too much for them. This duo deserves a standing ovation!

04. Coco's place 

For a couple of years now, Coco, our dog, has been our loyal companion in the orphanage. She is part of the family and the children take care of her with great pleasure. She feels at home and brings life in our home. Coco loves to sleep and so she makes her bed everywhere and anywhere. That’s why the children wanted her to have her own place. They got to work and made her a lovely nest. And Coco… she sleeps on.

05. Our Little Hearts compost system 

A big family consumes large amounts of food and this generates a huge quantity of organic waste. We thought it was time to do something useful with this waste so we bought our own Compost System that uses worms. Jack, Sithy and Sothon learned how to work the system and they are now responsible for maintaining it and using it to fertilize the garden. Together with Pierre they worked very hard to generate good fertilizer and use it on the garden and they are now impatiently waiting for their first harvest of fruit and vegetables. The dry season is coming and temperatures will soon rise and thanks to that the compost system will harvest 100 % chemical free food. We can’t wait for our first homegrown meal!

06. Brand new bathrooms

Both the bathrooms for the boys and for the girls needed maintenance. Broken toilets, leaking faucets and showers that didn’t work properly any longer meant only one thing: time to renovate! Thanks to our monthly sponsors we were able to turn the old bathrooms into shiny new ones. The pipes were checked and unclogged, the broken showers and toilets were replaced. The children themselves took care of the decorations and the finishing touch. We are all very proud!

07. An unusual gang of Bikers

Fifteen women from the Belgian Heart Bikers cycled 500 kilometers through Cambodia in 8 days and spent a whole year organizing benefits for Little Hearts. They were able to raise 48 000 euro. Wow. Wow. Wow!!! After their cycling trip they visited the orphanage and our big Little Hearts family welcomed them with open arms. We can’t thank these power cyclists enough! Their heartwarming enthusiasm makes it possible to give our children the chances they deserve. A very huge and heartfelt thank you! 

Klick on the buttons below and have a look at the GVA newspaper article and the ATV video to see this wonderful team in action: 


08. Belgian hearts for Cambodian hearts

For the eighth time in a row Rekem primary school donated their Lent event for Little Hearts. Yes, you read that correctly: the eighth time! This year the theme was “dreaming” so our Little Hearts children made a movie about their biggest dreams for the school children in Rekem. All the Little Hearts kids joined in. To Rekem primary school: Aukun Chran! (or: ‘Thank you!’ in Khmer). You make it possible for our children to have their dreams come true!

09. Your school is cool?

Every year many schools organize the most original initiatives to support Little Hearts. These initiatives bring in significant amounts of money with which we can continue to provide a warm home for our children. This year too we are looking for schools to support us. Do you know about a super cool and committed school that would like to partner with us and help out? If so, please let us know! Contact Jan ( ) or Katrine ( ) and they will help you get started!

10. Monthly help?

Would you like to contribute to our monthly supply of rice? Would you like to provide potable water? Would you like our children to enjoy leisure activities? Do you think basic hygiene is a must? Next to unexpected costs, like the renovation of the bathrooms, the monthly costs are a large part of our yearly budget. As in all places, our monthly expenses continue to rise. In order to make your gift as tangible to you as it is to us, we have created several sponsoring formulas so you know exactly how your gift is spent. These are summarized on our website. website.