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Congratulations to us! 

We are proud to announce that Little Hearts was granted another official license. In the past year we had unexpected control visits from several government departments to review the functioning of the orphanage. At the end of August we were invited to visit the Ministry of Social Affairs and Public Health and were delighted to hear that we were an example for other NGO’s. We were praised for our education, sports and culture programs and all of the opportunities that the children are given. It didn’t go unnoticed that we not only care for our own children but that we also support the children and families of the neighboring communities.
 A big thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years and continues to do so. It’s because of your generosity that we can share this good news with you!

To all our great volunteers

The last few years has seen tremendous growth of Little Hearts. This growth would simply not have  been possible without the help and support of our numerous and enthusiastic volunteers. Unfortunately the Cambodian government decided last September not to allow any more volunteers into the country so it is with great pain in our (Little) hearts that we  have to stop our volunteer program until further notice.
The good news is that as of now we will be able to work with a permanent team of experienced Cambodian teachers and educators. In the long run this gives our children more structure and continuity. This is the perfect opportunity for the Little Hearts family to  thank all volunteers who have helped us grow and prosper over the years. To each and every one of you: you were (and are) FANTASTIC!
And psst, to all of you who support Little Hearts and want to visit the warmest family in Cambodia: we will always welcome you with open arms!

Jeff & Chrissy...
Welcome to the family

A while ago we received a request from Child Welfare to take care of two orphans. A background check showed that the 8 year old brother and 4 year old sister had no parents and had lived at the local pagoda for a few years already. We decided to welcome Jeff and Chrissy into our family. It was wonderful to see how warmly they were embraced by the other children. In no time they found their place in the group.  We are so happy to be here for them.

A healthy and balanced start 

A balanced diet is very important for children to achieve optimal development. Recently we have launched the Healthy Day initiative and have started offering our children a balanced, yet not traditionally Cambodian, breakfast three times a week. Instead of the usual portion of rice, they get oatmeal with milk and two pieces of fruit. At the beginning it was hard for some to adjust but now they all look forward to starting their days the healthy way!
This nutritious breakfast comes with a price tag and we are looking for sponsors who want to support this initiative. Please let us know if you would like to sponsor a bushel of apples or a mango tree!

Is there a Doctor in the house? 

We have 38 children under one roof and a doctor’s visit every now and again is therefore inevitable. For many years we have counted on Haiko and Jason, a fantastic team of doctors in the International Phnom Penh Hospital. Even when they are very busy, they always make time to give our children the medical help that they need – and they do this completely for free out of the goodness of their (big) hearts.  Our children adore the doctors which makes the shots hurt a little bit less. We are so grateful for the support of these professionals. A very big thank you!

Behind the scenes of "Cambodia's got talent" 

You know America’s got talent’. Did you know that this show also exists in Cambodia? Twice already our children were invited to the show by Miss Anya, the manager of the team behind the show here. Every episode is full of sparkling acts that reveal the hidden talents of people. Our children are inspired by the show and because of it they go in search of their own (hidden) talents and are eager to try out new things.
Soon they will not only attend the show but they’ll also get a ‘meet and greet’ with many well- known Cambodian artists. Look out Cambodia! Perhaps one of our Little Hearts children will appear on your TV screen shortly!

Toilets for the children of the community

About 120 children of the neighboring community visit Little Hearts every day to take English classes. During breaks they use our children’s bathrooms. We had two workmen build additional bathrooms on the ground floor so our neighbors no longer have to run up the stairs when nature calls.
Don’t forget to flush and wash your hands guys!

A call for actions

As you probably know, our organisation is from Belgium. That's where we have many friends & supporters to help us raise money for Little Hearts. There we have schools organising fundraisers, we have artists doing Little Hearts concerts, and many more. Outside Belgium we only have very few friends organising fundraising events for Little Hearts. It would be nice & much appreciated to see more. If you'd like to help us, please get in touch with Tony directly: