A New Foot for Chrissy

Do you remember all your favourite outdoor games from childhood? Playing football on the street, or hide-and-seek in the park, or hopscotch at the playground… whether they were structured games or just running around the neighbourhood with your friends, they were an essential part of being a child. But for one of Little Hearts’ residents, eight-year-old Chrissy, these games weren’t … Read More


Friendly and approachable, and a firm believer in the healing power of kindness – this is Elizabeth. In her interview, she explains what makes her a good communicator and how she deals with stress, especially with her national baccalaureate exams coming up.     

The Spelling Bee

Most Little Hearts kids are enjoying the long annual break from school, but in order to keep their minds sharp and their spirits high, head teacher Rosahlee and caretaker Roxanne organised a challenging spelling bee on October 12th. The game was not only fun and competitive, but also a perfect educational activity, especially for anyone interested in arcane words and … Read More

Ready to Take Flight: Olivia

In her video interview, 18-year-old Olivia recalls her first impressions of Little Hearts, talks about her relationship with her best friend, and hints at a high-flying future.   

School Results: A Tale of Excellence

The 2022–2023 academic year has come to an end in Cambodia, where children attend school from mid-November to the end of September. We are happy to report that Little Hearts students have once again delivered outstanding results. It wasn’t easy, though. These positive academic outcomes were the fruit of much hard work on the part of the kids as well … Read More